Baler Twines & its uses

Published On:Oct 14,2016

Baler Twine

Baler is a bundle of raw or finished material that binds with twine. Twine is a strong fibre made of two or many strands of fibre. So the Baler Twine also known as Baling Twine is a thread having a small width and is composed of two or more strands of fibre twisted together which is used to bind many fibrous things into solid, compact and easily portable shape. Baler twine is a small diameter sisal or synthetic twine used to bind a quantity of fibrous material (notably hay or straw) into a more compact and easily stacked form.<br><br> In the late 18th century, the first automatic binder machine was invented. Originally binding was done manually with a wire than the automatic reaper machine was invented for this purpose. In the 19th century, baler twine is started to use for the binding purpose. Binder wires were created problems which lead to the invention of knotter, which later, called binder twine. In 1930’s, the first automatic baler machine was invented for binding bales of hay and straws. That machine used binder twine for their automatic knotter and then became common and known as baler twine. Today, many baler machines are used baler twine in agriculture and industry as it provides the safest way to bind raw and finished material in neat piles. Some examples are waste material, recyclable material, newspaper, cotton and textile. Baler twine is also available in different colours, strengths and material suitable to its use. These days, baler twine becomes the essential part of our industry. It also uses in craft-making these days and it is rough like a very thin piece of rope and can bear weight up to 350lbs. Uses of Baler  Twines:-
  1. Macrame Macrame cool plant hangars, coasters, rugs, wall hangings and other decorative items to give away as gifts. (Many clever horse owners have macraméd haynets from baler twine.) Binder twine is strong, so it will even last a summer outside holding your hanging plants.
  2. Clothes LinesKnot several lengths of binder twine together and replace your old clothesline.
  3. Collector’s items make a conversation piece by simply winding baler twine in a ball and marvel as it grows bigger and bigger with each passing week. I started one, but oddly it has gone missing…
  4. Streamers Make cool streamers from binder twine to tie to your truck antenna. Think also: streamers for birthday, wedding, shower, and Christmas decorating. This might be regarded as a time-saving tip as you will likely never be asked to help decorate again, thereby saving you time.
  5. Belts and Braces Need a belt and don’t have one? A length of baler twine is inexpensive and adds a rustic flair to your wardrobe. Scratch, scratch.
  6. Horse Equipment Braid several lengths of binder twine together to make inexpensive lunge lines, lead ropes and rope halters. No one will ever use them because they are too rough and picky, but they’ll look better hanging around the stable than hanks of ‘unorganized’ twine.(Although binder twine lead ropes might be rough on the hands, twine is just the thing to make breakaway tie loops from. I also use it to temporarily tie up feed buckets.)
  7. Costumes and Wigs Make a scary costume. My cousin once made a “Cousin It” costume using binder twine for hair. It was too heavy to wear, but it was a great idea. Other costume ideas: Lady Godiva, a sea anemone.
  8. Learn to Crochet Learn to crochet and make heavy-duty sweaters lap quilts and handbags. Seriously, you could crochet or weave sturdy mats from binder twine. Hint: Wear gloves.
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