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Three Companies But One Misson
Group Profile- We feel pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer of Ropes and Twines. Since its inception, our emphasis has been on quality and customer satisfaction. Over a decade, we have gained expertise in Innovation/Quality is the centripetal force which has been helping our company to thrive. Regarding NTC, it was established in the year 1984, we are one of the leading companies in North India in tiles. We already have 7 ISI licenses over various products to keep our customers assured of the quality we provide. We are also a member of the technical committee in BIS. NTC, Azuka and Lasting Software is group of companies in Panchkula. Recently we introduce Lasting ERP software in the world of technology. We pay attention in giving an experience to the customer which includes value for money, safety, durability, convenience of operations, aesthetics.

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