Quality Certificate- Azuka is the reliable name in Synthetics Ropes Industry.  We believe in delivering high strength product. That connects us through worldwide. Most modern extrusion line, 30 rope machines, 10 twisting machine which makes 100 metrics tone per month. We fully furnish factory in 3 different location. DROGO for industrial, DANTX for telecom rope, MONOTX for fisheries, are some who fulfilling the need of our industry.  Azuka manufacture and deliver high-quality products consistently. We differentiate us from other industries as we provide multiple solutions under one roof.  We are present in 15 countries. Israel, USA, Sri Lanka, Nigeria are the name of few countries.

BIS ISI Certificate

IS-5175-1992 (Polypropylene Ropes) aligned with ISO 1346

ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management System)

Azuka ISO Certificate

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