charpoy rope product

Charpoy Rope

Charpoy is a traditional hand woven bed used in the indian subcontinent.The charpoy rope is made up of HDPE. Traditionally charpoy was made from wood. With the passage of time there are different designs and styles that come in Charpoy. The charpoys are also now available in different colors and style.In the modern time it is made from iron instead of wood and knitted with beautiful and colorful charpoy rope.The knitting patterns of these ropes into the charpoy is itself an art which has been passed from generation to generation.These ropes mainly have longer lengths like 700m onwards.


    • Size: 5,000 denier to 50,000 denier
    • Yarn: Polypropylene yarn – high tenacity
    • Colour: Shinning White, Golden Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, etc.
    • Packet: Coreless cross-winded cheeses. tightly packed, available from 250gm size to 9kg big packets
    • Packing: Baler Twine can be packed in carton boxes in pair or raffia woven sacks in bulk.
    • Test Certificate: MTC (material test certificate by manufacturer) provided with every lot
    • UV Protection: High
    • Applications: Various industrial applications like Crop Packing, Agriculture, Sugar Industry, Packing, etc.
    • Also known as: Packing twine, Bailing Twine, Baling twine, Baler Twine, Bailer Twine, Reaper Binder Twine, Tractor Twine, Agricultural Twine, PP Twine, High Strength Twine, etc.

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