Fitness Ropes

Published On: Aug 21, 2018

Product Description

 Fitness ropes are the black pp ropes with red tracers in it. It is manufactured from high-quality virgin raw material.It has a length of 50 feet and width is 1.5 inches. It comes with an excellent grip for an effective workout.It forms a very smooth wave formation upon its usage. Azuka is leading the market in the manufacturing and selling of fitness ropes in India.

Significance of Fitness Ropes

  • Battle ropes also known as fitness ropes provide a high intensity full body workout.
  • High amounts of energy expenditure ad increased heart rate can be achieved in as less as 10 minutes of rope training  exercise .
  • It works on all the muscles of the body such as abs,glutes,upper body,lower body etc.
  • Adding battling ropes to your fitness regime regularly helps in shaping the body mass and increase the stamina.
  • They are also ideal for weight training.
  • Battle ropes are the recent fad these days.It breaks the monotony from the usual workout at homes or at the gym.

 Advantages of Azuka Fitness Ropes

  • Ideal for toning and building muscles.
  • Strength Training Equipment.
  • Ideal for heavy rope workout.
  • Perfect for rope exercise.
  • Also known as Cross fit Rope.
  • Great training for the abdominal muscles.
  • Ideal gym workout.
  • Tones each arm independently and efficiently.
Azuka manufacturers best quality battle rope with high quality virgin raw material.Our each product is tested in our in house laboratory.