truck ropes

Truck Rope

A truck rope is basically used to tie items in the truck.Azuka presents it all new truck rope which has a reflector in it.Azuka is the leading manufacturer of truck ropes in India.We have added a reflector to the material so that the rope will be more visible.


  • High Strength
  • Long Life
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant


  • It helps to bind the item tightly in the truck bed.
  • It helps to prevent any damage to the items either from the rain or wind
  • It also acts as the shock absorbent and has high resistance to abrasion.


    • Size: 5,000 denier to 50,000 denier
    • Yarn: Polypropylene yarn – high tenacity
    • Colour: Shinning White, Golden Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, etc.
    • Packet: Coreless cross-winded cheeses. tightly packed, available from 250gm size to 9kg big packets
    • Packing: Baler Twine can be packed in carton boxes in pair or raffia woven sacks in bulk.
    • Test Certificate: MTC (material test certificate by manufacturer) provided with every lot
    • UV Protection: High
    • Applications: Various industrial applications like Crop Packing, Agriculture, Sugar Industry, Packing, etc.
    • Also known as: Packing twine, Bailing Twine, Baling twine, Baler Twine, Bailer Twine, Reaper Binder Twine, Tractor Twine, Agricultural Twine, PP Twine, High Strength Twine, etc.

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