Reduction of Pollution with Baler Twine

Published On:Jun 11,2018

Reduction of Pollution with Baler Twine

What is Baler Twine?

Baler twine is a synthetic twine having the smaller diameter. With the help of it, the voluminous material can easily be stacked and compressed thereby preventing space wastage. Azuka is the leading supplier and manufacturer of baler twine in India with the latest technology.  These twines are Tried and Tested on all machines like New Holland, Claas, Star, Shaktimaan, Kartar, John Deere, on rice paddy straw and sugar cane trash, etc.

Agriculture Leftover: Biggest Cause Of Pollution

Every year, tonnes of agriculture leftover is burnt openly in the field resulting to release of 10,000 tons of CO2. This not only causes heavy smoke and air pollution all around the region but also waste a valuable resource. It also is the reason behind many nasal diseases and lung infections.


Reduce Pollution with Baler Twine

With the use of Automatic Baler machines, the agriculture by-products or leftovers, like hay, paddy straw, etc., can be collected efficiently and economically to make better use out of it, like as a fuel at Biomass Power Plants or Fodder for Cattle, Bedding for Animals, Cardboards or Paper manufacturing, etc..Baler twine is used in agriculture machines . Baler Twine can be round as well as square. It plays a vital role in the Automatic Baler machines, whether small or big Square Balers. The quality of Twine is one of the important factors that determine the Baler Machine performance.
baler twines
baler twines
Failing in performance directly leads to open burning of Agriculture waste because there is only a limited time period between harvesting and next sowing. UV stabilization is also one of the important factors in it.

A good performing Baler Twine will

    1. give extra income to the farmer
    2. make a valuable resource available for other applications
    3. greatly reduce the CO2 and smoke emissions, preventing harmful air pollution.