Published On:Aug 30,2018

What is Square Baling Twine?

Square bales are formed from the residual paddy straw from the fields. Azuka baler twine is designed to maximize the performance of the fields. Azuka twine for square bales comes in a variety of products designed to suit your needs. It is designed to give high performance in the fields irrespective of the circumstances. Choose the strongest twine for your demanding conditions. It is an environment effective solution to the growing pollution in Punjab caused by the burning of the residual paddy straw. For more than a decade, Azuka has been an innovative company bringing about new products timely.

Why Baler Twine?

Baler twine is a synthetic twine having the smaller diameter. With the help of it, the voluminous material can easily be stacked and compressed thereby preventing space wastage.

How does Square Baler Twine work?

It’s understandable by its name only as we can reduce pollution by using Baler Twine. The machines have the rolls of baling twine fixed in them, the machines extract the straw from the ground and then binds them together.


Azuka is one of the leading baler twine suppliers and manufacturers of baler twine with the latest technology. These twines are tried and tested on all machines like New Holland, Claas, Star, Shaktimaan, Kartar, John Deere, on rice paddy straw and sugar cane trash, etc. We produce the best quality PP Ropes and PP Twines. These Square Baling Twines are also made up of Polypropylene Material. Square Baler Twine is manufactured using the full virgin raw material.  Azuka is one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Square Baler Twine.

Reduction of Pollution with Baler Twine 

The biggest advantage/usage of Baler Twine these days; as we can see that farmers burn the straw left in the fields, which causes a lot of pollution. By using it they collect the straw & sell it on the market, and get some value for it.  We manufacture baler twines whose breaking strength is 20% more than the required which helps the farmer in increasing its productivity as twine never breaks. The bales can either be round or square. We manufacture PP baling twine by using the high-quality virgin raw material. Using the best procedures, we ensure the twine runs smoothly on Baler machines and machine does not face any problem in making a knot while baling.  To know more about square baler twine check the mentioned link below: