Basketry: Innovation and Decor

Published On:May 22,2018

Basketry is an Art that Lives Across Generations. We can see many ideas for using Ropes, apart from technical uses. Maximum usage of these baskets are shown as below:

azuka store

You can store your accessories in small-sized baskets made of ropes.

azuka store

Many other baskets are available these days which can be used for various purposes.

basket for clothes

These baskets are also used for storing clothes.  Women use these baskets a lot these days as it’s a helping hand for them.
decorative baskets

For Dining tables, we usually go for table mats, but these days ropes are over the line, as these small baskets can be used for storing Fruits, veggies, etc.

  decoration by ropes

We can use ropes to decorate flower pots. 

In Conclusion,  we can see that ropes are used in many innovative fields, not only in technical fields. We can use ropes in our daily lives. Most people are using ropes in Interior as well as in exterior decoration.