Key Market Sectors

Key Market Sectors– Azuka Synthetics LLP provides key market sectors of the best ropes, twines, and nets in India. We know our customer’s needs and their demands. According to that, Azuka created the different market sector to make our product list more transparent.  Our specialty is manufacturing the best product material with customization feature also.  We feel pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer of Ropes and Twines from 2mm -32mm. Azuka Ropes is trusted name in Synthetics Ropes Industry. We are a fully equipped factory in 3 different locations. It has 250000 sq foot cover area.  Innovation & Quality is two factor that helps our company to thrive.  We already have 7 ISI licenses for various products. That keeps our customer assured of the quality we provide. Azuka also a member of the technical committee in BIS. Our motto is to transform the ideas of clients into reality.

We have divided our key market sectors into 12 categories-

Power Transmission


Fishing & Shipping


Consumer Goods



Defence & Navy




Textiles & Yarns