Animal Fence Net product

Animal Fence Net

 Animal Fence net is a net which is used in farming to provide fencing to the produce to save it from the animals. These nets help the farmer to increase it’s yield as these nets protect the yield and do not allow animals to enter the fields. Our nets are extensively used in India as with a small investment a farmer gets relief from wild animals.Azuka is the leading manufacturer and supplier of animal fence net in India and worldwide. ADVANTAGES
  • UV stabilised
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • High Strength
  • Long life


    • Size: Customisable
    • Yarn: HDPE Monofilament
    • Colour: OceanBlue
    • Packing: Single Net in Raffia Bags
    • Test Certificate: MTC (material test certificate by manufacturer) provided with every lot
    • UV Protection: High

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