Crop Support twine

Crop Support Twine

Crop Support Twine provides assistance to the crop during their growth. It is developed in such a way so as to support all kinds of climbing crops.Azuka is the leading manufacturer and supplier of crop support twine in India. ADVANTAGES
  • UV stabilized and durable.
  • High Strength
  • Long Life
  • Easy installation
  • Light in  weight


    • Size: 9000 denier
    • Yarn: Polypropylene yarn – high tenacity
    • Colour: Shinning White, Golden Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, etc.
    • Packet: cheese wind pack
    • Test Certificate: MTC (material test certificate by manufacturer) provided with every lot
    • UV Protection: High
    • Applications: Various industrial applications like support to the crops, vegetable garden etc.
    • Also known as: Crop support twine,tomato twine,tomato plant holder,vegetable garden trellis

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