azuka rope-slings

Industrial Slings

We manufacture PP Rope Slings for material handling. These slings can be used in various aspects as in, Industrial sheds, cranes, gantries, hydras, etc. The sizes of slings that we manufacture ranges from, 0.5Ton SWL(Safe Woshing Load) to 2Ton SWL or WLL(Woshing Load Limit).

Endless loops or Slings are Available with Test Certificate from Competent Authority. Azuka is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Slings in India. Also, we are exporting to various Countries.


    • Size: 2mm – 32mm
    • Yarn: Polypropylene yarn – high tenacity
    • Colour: Golden Yellow, etc.
    • Packing: Each sling packed in a different bag.
    • Test Certificate: MTC (material test certificate by manufacturer) provided with every lot.
    • UV Protection: High
    • Applications: Used in cranes in various industries like steel, sugar, agriculture, etc.
    • Also known as: Endless Slings, PP Ropes Slings, Lifting Slings, Eye Splice Slings, etc.

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