Super Anti-Hail Net product

Super Anti Hail Net

Super Anti Hail Net is a net which protects the harvest and the crops from damage in the farming area. It provides proper sunlight to the crops, as its design let more sunlight pass through it so that the crops synthesize properly. It has low Shade Factor. Super Anti Hail Net protects the crops from Hailstones i.e. it is very strong net, beneficial for farmers. Most important property of Super Anti-Hail Net is its Stiffness; it does not stuck into leaves and branches; it can be reused, as after every season, and can be easily folded and stored. Return over Investment is very High i.e. The money spent on these nets is earned back by the farmers within one harvest. These nets save the crops from Damage, so, gives a higher output of Harvest to the farmers as they get a better price for the crop. Azuka is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality super anti-hail nets in India.


    1. UV stabilized: We are the manufacturer of  UV stabilized super anti-hail nets which can work under exposed conditions for prolonged hours. Since they have to be used consistently for many years, the UV stabilization ensures long service life.
    2. Strong and durable.
    3. Higher service life.
    4. It is light in weight.
    5. It has a low shade factor ensuring proper sunlight to the plants underneath it.
    6. Easy Installation: It can be easily installed with the simple support structure. 


      • It is designed for covering fruit orchards, vineyards, and greenhouse.
      • It also helps to keep away birds and blocks least of the sunlight which in turn helps in increasing the production.
      • It helps to minimize the drop in fruit prices.
      • It also safeguards the fruit from damaging by the hailstorm.
      • The nets help to provide protection from strong wind hails.


    • This net is completely strong to survive harsh conditions.
    • We produce nets which are being extensively used in India as with a small investment a farmer gets high yield.
    • We manufacture it in a  variety of colors and design.
    • We supply the nets in colors such as white, green, blue, red etc.
    • Its basic weaves pattern are square, rectangular.


  • Durable

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