Tricep Ropes

Published On: Aug 29, 2018

Product Description

Tricep ropes are the ropes used in the gyms for developing triceps,biceps and abdominal muscles in the body.It has  solid rubber handles for better grip. It fits in any  standard weight stack cable.It is a must buy equipment for any home gym or commercial gyms.Tricep ropes exercises target the tricep musclesto give better definition to your arms.Azuka is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gym ropes in India.Innovation and high end product quality is our main goal.

Uses of Tricep Ropes

  • It is used in gyms for developing the biceps and triceps in the body.
  • It is a major part of exercise equipments today which has acquired a lot of importance.
  • Designed for use in press downs,curls,kickbacks .
  • Used in tricep pushdown,tricep push curl and overhead tricep pushdown.