Waxed Twines

Published On:Jun 25,2018

Waxed twine is a type of cable filler. In telecommunication, a waxed twine can be filled inside a cable which is water resistant. It fills the spaces between the inner parts of the cable and prevents minor leakages inside the cable.

Cable Fillers

Azuka is the leading manufacturer of ropes and twines in India. Waxed twines are basically like the regular threads with a light coat of wax. Waxing makes the thread stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and less stretchy. Its downsides are that it leaves a waxy residue on sewing machines and the wax melts when exposed to heat. 

  • The thread has a sticky, waxy coating that makes it stiffer and more water repellant that other waxed thread.

  • Well, waxed twine has an extra weather resistance.

  • It is durable as it is made of two or more threads constituted together.

  • Easy knotting i.e. 


  • Waxed twine is ideal for hand sewing and outdoor applications where you need to be able to make nets, knots, and lashes without chafing.
  • Well-waxed twine gives the material extra weather-resistance, so it’s essential for use in all-weather applications like sailmaking and canvas work.
  • If you want a closer stitch that’s less likely to chafe away, we recommend choosing flat, waxed twine versus round, waxed twine.
  • It is used for taxidermy, leatherwork, shoe repair, and yes, preparing the deceased.

  • It is used in sail making, canvas work, and other crafting applications.

  • It is used in marine industry as well where it is used to whip the end of the lines.

We have waxed twine in both round and flat construction as well as a wax cup for applying wax to traditional twine. 

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